The build course of Crow Starter - (1


Hello everyone, I’m trying to build a collection of scaffolds to help people build their application quickly, it’s based on SpringBoot for the backend and ExtJS now for the frontend, I’d love to name it Crow Starter because I like Mr.Crow in CubeEscape very much, I hope this post is a good beginning for CrowStarter and maybe it could help the guys who want to use this technology stack to build their application.

This project will be hosted on Github and Gitee for Chinese developers, and it’s under the GPL license v3.0 because of the ExtJS community edition did.

This scaffold not only contains a SprintBoot starter you can simply include it in your pom.xml, so you need to follow my documents and make it works.


The Crow Starter project will contain many scaffolds like the below:


crow-rest-spring-boot-starter is a quick starter based on SpringBoot to handle common CRUD operations via RESTful API, it’s easily integrated into your project, especially new one, it’s built a new realization via abstract the common operations in web development. so you can:

  • Build a full-functionally module with almost no codes need to write
  • It’s easy to extend and override the default handlers
  • Provide service for all data structs from defined entities, so you can build the front-end application based on it in the same programming style of Crow-Rest
  • and-more…

And this crow-rest starter is now providing a 0.0.1 version for release, follow to getting started.


crow-rbac-spring-boot-starter is an RBAC starter based on CrowRest, but it didn’t finish yet. Features:

  • full-functionally RBAC program with multi-organization
  • less code to write
  • auto authorities control based on Roles
  • support row-level and column-level authorize
  • and more…


The common frontend works with backend projects like based on CrowRest and CrowRBAC, it works well with the general-view what according to the data-struck which backend service auto provided, so you can also write less code for frontend as well. ** not fishing too **


I will build this project for a long time, to help others create applications more quickly. so maybe the project will have more components in it, like Crow-Vue / Crow-Mobile / Crow-xxx, and there will be some applications implemented via this collection of scaffolds.

Wish this could help, and hope everything goes well.