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It’s 2023, I got COVID but totally recovered now, it was some hard days.
It’s not really busy in the last few weeks, but the life seems misleaded, I didn’t expand my vocabulary, didn’t find more side jobs, and didn’t keep making my own project up either, so it’s time to raise myself up and do something useful.
Oh, but it’s near spring festival, it’s always been the best excuse for being lazy, Chinese people always says “Oh, it’s almost Spring Festival, we shall do that after the vacation”.

Okay, that’s all, hope the hard days can never beat you down.

We start working from home recently cause the circumstance of COVID-19 not too good, I heard there are many new positive patients here in my city every day, the students has been taking online classes at home for more than 20 days, people starts to afraid to go out and the places where crowded.

We’re living in a bad time now, and I have no idea how to make every thing be fine, I don’t have that ability, just do my best to keep my family away from the danger.

I think maybe I can only realize my dream of living alone after my daughters come of age, the place which away from the city, somewhere nearly by the mountains, and a stream in front of the house, I’ll lie on the sofa by the fireplace and watch some movie or drama, there are beers on the table next to the sofa.

alright, I think that will take 20 years long, haha.
that’s it, bye.

It’s another hard day, my right shoulder and my back was really hurt when I get up this morning, my arm almost fell off and I can hardly turn my neck, I think that’s probably because I was really tired recently. It’s really hurt so I had to went to a chinese style massage and the massagist helped me relieves my pain.

After that, I go to my office and continue to work on the tender files which is the third one I have done recently, and fortunately I finished that before knock off.

I can only take just a short break when I back home cause I have many work of my part-time job to do, it’s 23:38 now after I handled all of them and my back still hurt a lot so I think I’d better take a shower and go to bed now, there’s still 7 hours left before another sucks morning.

So be it, bye.

There’s nothing to tell at all expect that I was really busy in the past 6 months which I wasn’t write anything here, and I realize I was losing the desire of express and communicate when I suddenly remember that I had a blog here, and the most terrible thing is that it has been continued for a long time, and I have no idea to make that right, maybe I need some help, or I should do more practice on that. so be it.


Hi everyone, I programmed a spider for crawling words from some given website such as Spring Framework Guides, Vue Guides, etc, the artifacts are all the words in the given website and sorted by word frequency, so you can import that to your vocabulary or English Learning APP, like 不背单词.

if you’re interested in this, follow this link: wordSpider on Github

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As you can see, I will build the front-end application via ExtJS, so first of all is make ExtJS works on your environment. In this post, we trying use Sencha Cmd to build our front-end project.

That is a list for all of you need:

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Hello everyone, I’m trying to build a collection of scaffolds to help people build their application quickly, it’s based on SpringBoot for the backend and ExtJS now for the frontend, I’d love to name it Crow Starter because I like Mr.Crow in CubeEscape very much, I hope this post is a good beginning for CrowStarter and maybe it could help the guys who want to use this technology stack to build their application.

This project will be hosted on Github and Gitee for Chinese developers, and it’s under the GPL license v3.0 because of the ExtJS community edition did.

This scaffold not only contains a SprintBoot starter you can simply include it in your pom.xml, so you need to follow my documents and make it works.

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As you already know, I’m learning English by myself, and I have some confusion about the progress, so-called “Confusable Words”. So I’m trying to explain their differences and usage scenes to deepen my memory. That’s why this post.

Maybe, Perhaps, Possible, Probable, etc.

There are many words that can explain 可能 in English, like those in the paragraph title. As I understand them, the rank of the possibility of things happening may be like this: probable > possible >= maybe == perhaps.

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English version here


这是一篇推荐 ExtJS 框架的文章,ExtJS 是我最近来非常喜欢的前端框架,它是由 Sencha 公司开发维护的商业软件,授权比较贵,但是它同样提供了基于 GPL 协议的社区版。虽然通常社区版更新的比较慢,但是你可以使用它的绝大部分功能。

但是自 ExtJS 4.x 版本之后,国内的开发者使用的非常之少,相对的中文资料也非常少。究其原因据我猜测可能是因为授权问题、中文文档差一点、以及不太适合 to-C 应用。而 B 端客户是中国互联网公司不太重视的地方 —— 可能并没有像做 to-C 应用一样有高昂的利润。

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This blog post is a recommendation for ExtJS, it’s the front-end framework I like very much recently. ExtJS is commercial software developed and maintained by Sencha(BTW: The commercial license is a little expensive), but they also provide a community edition under GPL. Although the community edition is usually updated slowly, but you can still use the most of the features.

But since ExtJS 4.x, looks like the developers in China use it very little, and because of that, there are not many articles about ExtJS written in Chinese. I guess maybe the commercial license is more expensive, or they don’t have official API documents in Chinese, and maybe it’s not suitable for the to-C application. The China internet companies do not pay much attention to B-end customers – because they can’t get huge internet traffic and profits like they’re doing in to-C business.

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