Some similar words in English

As you already know, I’m learning English by myself, and I have some confusion about the progress, so-called “Confusable Words”. So I’m trying to explain their differences and usage scenes to deepen my memory. That’s why this post.

Maybe, Perhaps, Possible, Probable, etc.

There are many words that can explain 可能 in English, like those in the paragraph title. As I understand them, the rank of the possibility of things happening may be like this: probable > possible >= maybe == perhaps.

As you can see, there are other “Confusable Words” here: possibility and likelihood, we’ll talk about it later.

The Probable is more affirmative, like: …

Maybe and Perhaps is more colloquial, but there’s a big difference between them: as soon as. You can use it like as soon as possible / maybe but can’t instead them by perhaps / probable.

To be continued.

That’s too difficult for me, I’ll try it later.