About me

Who am I

Hi visitor, here’s Ian from China, I’m 34. You could call me 老法海 either - if u know what’s that means, it’s my nickname in Chinese. I’m a programmer who works on the full-stack web development line, and it’s about 14 years I in it since 2008. :)

Skills - what I can do.

As you already know, I’ve been doing development work for many years, although there are no great achievements. I have learned some skills from it. I could program with Java, Python, PHP, Javascript, and more, and I can use most of the most popular frameworks of them. I usually program some enterprise applications, especially in the logistic industry.
Recently, I have often liked to write programs with the SpringBoot framework of Java, and the ExtJS / Vue framework for JavaScript.

Hobbies - what do I like.

I’m not a very interesting guy, but I still have some hobbies. Yes! that’s true, I have hobbies too! And I have a list below:

  • First of all, if let me choose my favorite, I think it’s programming, I love coding!
  • I like foods, especially Spicy-Chinese foods, like Hot-Pot, Chinese-Barbecue. Everybody must love them!
  • I like music, such as Punk / Metal / Ballad and more. like GreenDay / 痛仰 / 扭机 / LiZhi…
  • I like Room-Escape games, and I’m a fan of RustyLake, I love Cube Escape!
  • I like movies and some series, such as S.H.I.E.L.D / The Avengers / Guardians of the Galaxy / Game of Throne / Shameless and more… BTW, my name in English - Ian, sounds mostly like my last name in Chinese, and I’m absolutely not a Gallager ha.

So if we’re having the same interests, try to contact me, we’ll be very chatty!

Why this website

I have also built some of my blog sites before, but they are no longer maintained for some reasons. In recent years, as I’m getting older and older, I think I should leave something more in my life. So I’ll share something about my programming and life here.

And I’m building a new Open-Source project about a quick starter to build enterprise applications via SpringBoot + ExtJS + Vue, if you’re interested in it, maybe we can do it together!

Why English

As you see, the contents of this website are mostly written in English. Yep, I’m learning English now because I’m finding a job that I can work at home. and I think the best way to learn a new language is `Using it anywhere!
I’m not that fluent in English now, but I’m learning to be better, so I would appreciate it if you could correct my English mistakes.

BTW, I’m finding language partners, if u want to learn Chinese, I can provide some help on it. so contact me and let’s have a conversation!


I haven’t used Twitter / Facebook/ What’s App in recent years, so it could find me through the following ways:

  • Wechat - my ID is: ian_laofahai, and my QR code is down here.
  • Email / Skype: 335454250@qq.com
  • Tell me if there’s some other APP you’re using and it’s available in China.

Okay, It’s too difficult for me to write something in English now.

that’s all, hope everything goes well with you!