2022-12-14 Just another day.

It’s another hard day, my right shoulder and my back was really hurt when I get up this morning, my arm almost fell off and I can hardly turn my neck, I think that’s probably because I was really tired recently. It’s really hurt so I had to went to a chinese style massage and the massagist helped me relieves my pain.

After that, I go to my office and continue to work on the tender files which is the third one I have done recently, and fortunately I finished that before knock off.

I can only take just a short break when I back home cause I have many work of my part-time job to do, it’s 23:38 now after I handled all of them and my back still hurt a lot so I think I’d better take a shower and go to bed now, there’s still 7 hours left before another sucks morning.

So be it, bye.